Turn the tables: The Monster of Intolerance is Devouring Pakistan

Source Dawn.com: Sana Saleem: On Saturday evening a group of men attacked a mosque in Manghopir, they slapped the children, ransacked the mosque, kicked the shelves holding the Quran, smashed and broke the loud speakers and threatened and accused the children of disrupting a carol.

How dare the mosque call for prayer while the children were singing carols? It’s been a week now and instead of the culprits being punished the victims have apologised fearing their lives.

Are you shocked, outraged beyond belief about the sheer apathy on such an outrageous event?

Verses will be quoted and murders will be reasoned. All will be merry again.

Did you hear about Shahzad Warraich? He was dug out of his grave, exhumed because his burial could have resulted in a ‘law and order’ situation. Save your outrage please. Do not be deceived by his name. Just another one of them Ahmadi’s ‘posing to be a Muslim’ they should know better than to think that we’d share our ground of burials with them.

Twenty-nine more of them were dug out of their graves recently, maybe now they’ll understand, apologise and take their dead elsewhere.

What about the mobile company that had to issue a disclaimer about their religious beliefs in a daily newspaper. Because of course if you can’t type ‘Muhammad’ on your mobile phone it must be the doing of the devious Ahmadi’s, just another one of their ploys to reject our faith.

This will happen again and again because this isn’t just bigotry. Its blind, raging hatred that can stand no other. And it is our silence that has and will continue to let it breed.


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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    The Holy Quran very truly said,”laqad khalqnalinsaana fi ahsan-a-taqveem thuma radadnaaho asfalasaafileen” mean Allah has created man in its the best creation and then rejected them to the lowest depth and named such person as monkeys pigs and slaves of satin,likewise in hadiths ullama-asuoo has been given the same titles. May Allah save all human being from the clutches of such a bad creature. Aameen

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