The story of Christmas – from the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir


………….. Christians call Jesus the Son of the Father and for Muslims Jesus is called the Son of Mary. Muslims believe in the virgin birth but deny that God Almighty was the father of the child. Jesus as mentioned in Sura Buqra felt pain and joy just like humans and preached the greatness of Allah who was one and to whom all including he himself must worship.

The tomb of Youza Asouph (the getherer). Jesus was the getherer of the sheep of Israel)

There are hot debates that Jesus lived the end of his life in Kashmir and was buried in Rosa Bal Khanyar Kashmir. The research towards that end has been paraphrased in the two books that I have under examination. The name of the books is ‘Jesus And Moses Are Buried in India ; Birth place of Abraham & The Hebrews’ by Gene D Matlock and the second book called ‘Jesus Died In Kashmir : Jesus , Moses. The 10 lost Tribes of Israel’ by A. Faber Kaiser. It is an area of research that will enlighten the importance of Kashmir to unravel many ambiguities in the life history of the two Great Prophets. The Baal Bebu in Bandipore and Rosabal in Khanyar must be centers where exploration must start with the help of a team of archeologists, anthropologists, theological scientists and historians of fame to work in collaboration. Kashmir will once again be on the map of the world. Read more

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