Youth try to spread the true word of ISLAM

Source: Lindsay Post

LINDSAY -A number of young volunteers were in Lindsay this past weekend hoping dispel untruths of Islam and Muslims.

Nearly 60 volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA), which is an auxiliary wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, went door to door hoping to educate residents.

Rizwan Rabbani, national executive director for AMYA, told The Lindsay Post that many people have misconceptions about Islam.

“Islam does not promote violence,” Rabbani said. “The flyer we bring with us says no to terrorism.”

Rabbani said volunteers were going to a number of communities across Ontario and other provinces this past weekend.

He said 60 would be coming to Lindsay and they hoped to visit around 4,000 houses.

“If we can speak with 30 to 40 people that will be great,” he said last week.

This isn’t the first time AMYA has visited Lindsay.

Rabbani said they have recieved good feedback from residents before. In communities where AMYA feels they are well received, they will sometimes hold open houses speaking about their religion and the Qu’Ran, the holy scripture of Islam.

AMYA has hosted two such exhibitions in Lindsay.

Rabbani said they get mixed results.

“Sometimes we are discriminated against.”

However, he relayed a story of a couple he spoke to who listened to what he had to say and later came to visit their mosque. He said the visits were about educating people, not forcing their beliefs on anyone.

“We believe in religious harmony,” Rabbani said. “No religion promotes hatred.”

Rabbani said it is also a great opportunity for young Muslims to get in touch with their religion.

“It helps young people to get to know their faith,” he said.

The AMYA has 65 chapters in Canada. Visit for more information.

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