Email amnesty for some, work slavery for others

Source: Dawn

Are you fed up with your Blackberry because it effectively puts you on call for your employer 24/7? Are you a slave to its blinking red light and the vibrating alarm that tells you that you have a new email?

Well, if you’re an employee at German car maker Volkswagen, you will now be officially released from the tyranny of the little electronic ball and chain in future, at least during after-work hours and at weekends.

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  1. Today I visited someone. Everyone there had a smartphone (not just a simple mobile), beside smartphones notebooks and personal computers too. So the three hour I stayed there, many “played” with their smartphones, showed some “interessting” videos in internet, showed them on notebooks and again on pcs.
    If the internet isn’t working just for one day at such homes, they won’t be able to work at all. So I think we are “slaves” of the new techincs, as we are generation 2.0. We not only wait for messages, emails and such, we don’t feel happy or satisfied, if we don’t get 2-3 or more mails per day.
    We dont wait until the smartphone “Blinks” red or green, we watch our mailboxes every 10 minutes, waiting for new mails or messages.
    I think we should try an experiment. Leaving our smartphones, Notebooks, Pcs etc. for a day or two off.
    But can we do that? I am sure everyone will present a kind of excuse not able to do such….or?

  2. Good point Bilal. I do appreciate benefits of technology. But there are occasions when I believe that due to email, chat, cell phone, texting etc.., we communicate more with people across the oceans than with the people living with us in the homes. I am also guilty of that sometimes. 🙂

  3. Definately. Once I walked out of an office because the guy was on his blackberry when I was talking to him. He hardly noticed my departure.

    It is really a ‘pain’ to attend a function when half of the guys are on their blackberries.

    Not to speak of the waste of time for all concerned, because for the one ‘somewhat important’ e-mail there will be 100 that are just junk.

  4. Oh yes, I know the feelings expressed above, so well. It seems that these gadgets are a kind of ‘curse’ of modern times.

    It makes one wonder how we ever did without all of these amenities (yes, I’m that old!), just a couple of decades ago. We forget so easily and the new generation cannot imagine life without them.

    They wouldn’t know what to do with their free time since they spend playing games on them if nothing else and are beginning to lose track on how to relate to others around them without their help.

    Maybe, we, the grown-ups around them, should impose a kind of curfew on the usage of these gadgets…?

  5. Perhaps we should give our youngsters and elders some tipps, how to avoid beeing a “slave” of such tech. How to use it and how to ignore it. We are there to solve problems, so let us beginn with some usefull tipps.
    I start with a simple one.

    – Don’t charge your mobile etc. for one day (for example on weekend) and save a message on mailbox e.g. “not availbe for a day, i am spending time with my family”….

  6. And another one: Switch off your mobile devices during any meeting, whether a Jamaat meeting or a gathering of friends or a family gathering. (This is for private use, for ‘work use’ a totally new ‘order’ has to be implemented. The amount of time wasted in all the offices worldwide on e-mails is absolutely fantastic).

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