A life with free-flowing strokes of a brush


Nouf Al-Semari expresses herself through her paintings

DAMMAM: A set of 35 beautiful and mysterious paintings by Nouf Al-Semari, who describes herself as an abstract, figurative artist, has drawn the attention of a number of art lovers in Alkhobar and Dammam.

The paintings, which form part of Al-Semari’s solo exhibition titled “The Other Rooms,” are currently on display and sale at Alkhobar’s Acoustic Tea Lounge and Gallery.

A Saudi national, Nouf grew up in the Eastern Province. She went to a local school in Alkhobar and graduated in business and marketing from King Faisal University (now renamed University of Dammam).

She says her family has always been very supportive of her. “I never faced any difficulty from them…they supported me in every way,” she told Arab News on the sidelines of the exhibition. Her husband, Fahad Al-Dossary, is the biggest admirer of her paintings. He admitted that at first he did not understand the intricacies of Nouf’s art, but later he began to admire the beauty in them. “Every painting has a history behind it,” he told Arab News.

Nouf says her husband also happens to be her best judge. “He never criticizes my work but I love to hear his views on my paintings. So he is the first one to take a look at my creations…and he always gives me a very good perspective.”

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Some of Nouf Al-Semari's paintings on display at Acoustic Tea Lounge and Gallery in Alkhobar. (AN photo by Boutros Ayad)

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