Ahmadiyya Missionaries hope to dispel myths about Islam.

Source / Credit: Niagara This Week

Youth to canvass homes in Grimsby, Canada.

Eighteen young Muslims will be spreading the message, and dispelling misconceptions, of their faith Saturday.
Terrorist acts have painted the Muslim community in a bad light and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada is reaching out to communities across Canada to change that image. The organization, which has 65 chapters across Canada, will be sending a group of 18 volunteers to Grimsby Saturday to canvass homes and educate the public about the teachings of Islam and dispel any misconceptions people have about the Muslim community.
“Islam does not promote violence or any discriminations,” said Rizwan Rabbani, national executive director. “But there are rumours out there about Islam and terrorism and we want to dispel those misconceptions. We are coming to Grimsby to dispel that misinformation and, if there is any, we are glad to answer any questions people may have.”
The organization, which has volunteers visiting 17 communities this weekend, hopes to visit 1,500 homes in Grimsby Saturday.
In the summer, volunteers from Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada set up a small information event at the Grimsby Public Library. Rabbani said the response was positive which is why they have decided to come back to town to spread their message even further. What they won’t be doing, said Rabbani, is pushing their own beliefs on the residents they visit.
“We are here to promote religious harmony, not here to push our own beliefs,” he said. “Islam tells us that whatever your beliefs are … we can all live in this world together as brothers and sisters of different faith. We are a bunch of good guys, exactly like the other people you see walking down the street.”
If anyone would like to learn more about the Islam faith, they are welcome to e-mail Rabbani at riz.rabbani@gmail.com for a free copy of the Holy Quran. More information on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada can be found at http://www.alislam.org.

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  1. May Allah be your (Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada)helper in this task,may it be a beneficial event for the people of Canada in particular and the whole world in general to understand the true islam the Ahmadiyya muslims have been practicing and preaching. May Allah reward you all abundantly, ameen.

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