What a nation! 40 years of UAE versus the 64 years of Pakistan

By Zubair Khan

Very early morning on 2nd December-2011 it was our scheduled touchdown at Dubai Airport. Team of Academy of Medical Science (AMS) Frankfurt Germany consisting of Dr. M Bajwa, one of Directors of AMS, myself and Dr Ahmad Aljizawi were there to participate in an International Medical conference scheduled in Dubai as well to launch the educational cooperation program with various universities of UAE and Jordon. After attending the three days conference in Jumairah Beach Hotel Dubai, delegation visited RAK, Ajman, Gulf Medical and Sharja Universities of UAE. Later Jordan university of Medical science and Technology Irbid and Jordon University Amman were visited. Mr Rafiq Schannen, ex IOM chief of Mission residing in Amman, also joined the team during the visit of Jordon.

The moment we arrived Dubai airport building, its structure and available facilities took all of us with a pleasant surprise. We could never imagine ourselves on the Airport of some Arab country. Later while driving across the city we felt passing through an entirely different world. While puzzled with surprises, my mind just dived in to the past.  It was 1971 when these emirates got independence from Great Britain. Until 1975 the area had no water, gas but only sand in abundance. In 1979 seven emirates of the area got united under the title of UAE. In the beginning the state of affair was so pathetic that it used the Pakistani currency Notes of Rupee 1, 5, 10 and 100 just putting the word Dirham on these notes. In Pakistan where Z.A. Bhutto started nationalizing the banks, industries and services like insurance companies, many notable Pakistani bankers, industrialists and insurance experts moved to UAE and started their business from scratch.  Similarly having found favorable grounds, doctors, engineers, educationists and workers also started migrating to UAE.  All these Pakistani played the pivotal role making the UAE as Monster of current age.

In 1975 the areas was having population far less of a million of locals which now has risen to 1.8 million with 6 millions from other countries of the world. Almost 15 years back the emirates started its air line by leasing 3 planes from PIA. Now Emirates Airline is the most developed and popular Airline of the world. On the contrary PIA which pioneered developing not only Emirates but also17 other Airlines of the world has been downgraded one of the worst airlines of the world running in to losses of 120 million dollars. At its independence sand was all over in UAE lacking civic facilities. One can now find gas, electricity and water everywhere in abundance.  Education and medical facilities are available to each local inhabitant free of cost. Most prestigious and renowned universities exist in all the emirates of UAE with thousands of local and international students. Many renowned international universities earnestly wish to collaborate with the universities of the area. World best hospitals are in the area. Even Pakistani President Zardari preferred to get his treatment in Dubai hospital rather than staying back home or going to some other western country. World s tallest tower Burj- Alkhlaifa is located in UAE. World s biggest dancing fountain is in Dubai which entertains the visitors daily at prescribed timings.  Seven star hotel of the world is situated in Dubai. Recent construction of overhead city metro in Dubai has surprised the whole world. In order to regulate the water and to generate the electricity 53 dams have already been completed and 150 such dams are in pipe line.  Word corruption does not exist in the dictionary of UAE. Security and safety is so high that any lonely girl can walk around at any time of night without any fear.  World leaders and organizations feel proud, safe and secure to visit UAE and to hold conferences and all other programs. One can find all over progress, peace, prosperity and happiness.

Being Pakistani when one makes the relative analysis of past and present era, it only adds to the sadness and frustration of each true Pakistani. The country and its people who, in the past, played the main role of development of UAE now do not enjoy that good and cordial reputation in the area. Many feel shy to be recognized as Pakistanis.  Contrary to it, Indians have gained much better reputation in whole of UAE. Currently 1.7 million Indians are residing in UAE and are making substantial contributions to local economy and development. According to Indian Consulate of Dubai, each promising Indian considers Dubai to be his or her ultimate destination and they are welcomed by locals with open mind and heart. Bad name or bad reputation to Pakistani brethren has only been caused due to notorious deeds of leaders at all levels back home. Similarly religious fundamentalism, terrorism, corruption, hypocrisy and bad governance in Pakistan have also caused the irreparable damage to the reputation of Pakistanis abroad. In spite of holding German passports, we Pakistani origins were put through rigorous investigation both in Dubai and Amman. Ongoing incidents back home are further isolating the motherland and its inhabitants from the main stream of the world. In such circumstances one can only comment what a nation we are! In last 40 years due to our assistance and hard work UAE is amongst the best and prosperous nations of the world and in 64 years of our own independence where we stand needs no comments.

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