Why our bomb may be unsafe: The next Government will be Al-Qaeda

Source / Courtesy: The Express Tribune

By Khalid Ahmed:

Pakistanis talk about revolution more than ever before because they want the current order to change. From the opinion being expressed in the media, one can say that any revolution will have to take the following shape: 1) It will be against democracy and in favour of Islamic reform; 2) It will be anti-America and also generally anti-West, with India thrown in as the palpable enemy next door, while Israel acts as the notional enemy giving a sharp global pan-Islamic edge to the revolution; 3) Since Pakistanis feel that the sharia is not in force in Pakistan — it is, under the Federal Shariat Court written into the Constitution! — the ideology of the revolution will come from al Qaeda; and 4) any revolutionary government will have to be directionally presided over by al Qaeda. The weapon of choice for al Qaeda to avoid ‘regime-change’ will be the nuclear weapons of Pakistan.

It is not so much for the outside world to worry about the drift towards ‘revolution’ in Pakistan as it is for the Pakistanis to see what is happening to them.

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Categories: Asia, Pakistan, Terrorism

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