Sierra Leone: Commendation and love.

Mama Africa has rewarded Ahmadiyya more than anyone in this plannet. It has opened its bossom for the message of Imam Mehdi(a.s.).

A picture is worth a thousand words”  Lets have a look at the picturous case study of Sierra Leone.

This honor was bestowed to Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat by the government of Sierra Leone, in the form of a postage stamp, for Ahmadiya muslim community’s efforts towards service of mankind, in terms of opening up Schools and hospitals, without any concern for religion, sect, race or nationality.



A postage stamp issued by government of Sierra Leone in the honor of Jamat Ahmadiyya on the eve of Khilafat Jubilee.


Further Government of Sierra Leone stated its gratitude in following words



Khalifatul Masih(IV) Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed(r.t.) expressing his care and love for Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone – A case study


4 replies

  1. In the words of my polish Ahmadi brother Ataul Wahab Ahmad Rybinski, who informed me of the fact that in UK Jalsa Salana, in 2009 or 2010(not certain of what year he quoted but around this time). Government of Sierra Leone admitted that Ahmadi muslims form the majority of its population.

    Sierra Leone, Benin, Gambia and Ghana. We love you.

  2. I am Asad Naveed from Sierra Leone. Read this blog everyday and very happy to see a news about Sierra Leone.

    Sierra Leone is a great country with the highest religious tolerance in the world. May Allah help this country prosper.

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