Noah’s Ark officially found in Turkish mountains


Irina Shlionskaya. Pravda.Ru 02.12.2011.

In September 1960, a 27-year-old US doctor Ron Wyatt, an amateur archeologist, read an article in Life Magazine about the phenomenon. The search for Noah’s Ark became the primary objective in his life.

In 1977, Wyatt started the mission to Turkey with his two sons. Having overcome numerous difficulties, the US researcher and his sons reached the village, where they found conductors among the local population. On the outskirts of the village, the men found several boulders, which looked like anchor rocks. Ron had seen the photos of those rocks in archeology books before. The rocks with holes drilled in them served as anchors for ancient vessels. It turned out that there were crosses engraved on all local rocks.

Some time later, Ron found the object that looked like a ship. The object was submerged deep into the ground. The men had to conduct excavation works to find out whether there was the legendary ship hidden in the ground.

In August 1979, after the Turkish earthquake, Ron Wyatt visited the site again. The researcher discovered that the ground bared the fossilized remains of the vessel. Wyatt had not received a permit for the archeological works by that time, so he decided to work on his own. Next time, he used metal finders in his work. It happened in August 1984.

The scanning revealed a metal network around the object. The network was supposedly of artificial origin. Ron explored the slope of the mountain where the “Ark” was resting. Up in the mountain, he discovered the ruins of an ancient stone construction. There was a plot of land near the ruins measured 120×40 feet. The plot was framed with something like fossilized wood.

In December 1986, Turkish officials representing interior and foreign ministries, as well as a group of researchers from the city of Ataturk approved the official solution saying that the formation discovered by Ron Wyatt and his colleagues contained the remains of Noah’s Ark indeed.

Many discussions have taken place since the “official” discovery of Noah’s Ark. Some scientists say that Wyatt indeed discovered the Biblical vessel, whereas others deny this theory. The search for the Ark still continues.



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