Dr. Abdus Salam: Some Reminiscences

Dr. Abdus Salam: Some Reminiscences

Courtesy:  theartofmisinformation

By: Imam B.A. Rafiq

When I reached London in the early part of 1959 Dr. Abdus Salam lived in Putney, about a mile and a half from the Fazl Mosque. At that time he was serving as a Professor of  Theoretical Physics at the Imperial College. I had had the opportunity to meet him whenever he visited the London Mosque. He occupied a very high position and I was a mere young Missionary. He would often invite Hadhrat Sir Chaudhry Zafrulla Khan Sahib and some other friends for breakfast at his house. It was always an informal affair and I too would be invited on such occasions. Along with other admirers, I would also benefit from his discourse. Poetry, literature and current events would normally form subjects of discussion on such occasions. Dr. Sahib would be the soul and spirit in such assemblies. Later on, when Hadhrat Chaudhry Muhammad Zafrullah Khan Sahib settled in London permanently, Dr. Sahib would often invite him for breakfast at his house. He would also send invitation to me on such occasions.

Allah had blessed Dr. Sahib with an amazing brain conducive to conducting scientific research. Apart from that he also evinced a great deal of interest in Urdu and Persian poetry. He was a great admirer of ‘Hafiz’ the famous Persian poet, in particular. He had many of his verses, on the tip of his tongue which he would recite on appropriate occasions. He dearly loved ‘Maulana Rumi’ and had memorized many of his verses. He would also recite the verses of the Promised Masiaha.s during his discussions to illustrate his point of view. Dr. Salam revered Hadhrat Chaudhry Muhammad Zafrulla Khan and always consulted him, even about his personal and private matters. He would act in accordance with the advice tendered.

Shortly after my arrival in London his father, Hadhrat Chaudhry Muhammad Hussain, also came over to London. Naturally, Dr. Sahib was devoted to his esteemed father and held him in very high regard. Famous politicians and eminent scientists who came to meet him were always introduced to his father. When it was arranged for Dr. Sahib to meet the Duke of Edinburgh he took his father along with him and introduced him to the Duke.

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A friend just forwarded me this article, worth reading every word of this noble servant of Allah, Abdus Salam, the first Muslim Noble Prize winner in Science.


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