Ontario Physicians Duty Bound to Keep Quiet about Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Press Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO— This month, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) posted a revision of their draft policy on “Non-Allopathic (Non-Conventional) Therapies in Medical Practice,” a policy meant to guide doctors on their use or promotion of alternative medicine.

The Centre for Inquiry (CFI [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) Canada is pleased with the changes to the document but warns that it still fails to protect the freedom of Ontario physicians to communicate the dangers of untested or unproven alternative medical therapies and protect Ontarians from potential harm. Read more:

5 replies

  1. I wish people read on Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Laureate, who proved that every disease and condition have a missing mineral component. Hippocrates followed the same principal “Let food be thy medicine”.

    Canadians spend, out of their own pockets, nearly $5 Billion a year on Alternative health therapies because they are convinced it is the money well spent

  2. I did not know Edison was a medical Dr. Is
    electricity a branch of medicine.
    We should start using kerosine lamps & horse-carts if we want to adopt 200 years old medicine.

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