Pakistan Indicts 7 in Bhutto Assassination

LAHORE, Pakistan — A Pakistani antiterrorism court indicted five militants and two police officers Saturday in the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, prosecutors said.

Ms. Bhutto was killed after an election rally in 2007 in an attack by at least one gunman and a suicide bomber, both of whom were believed to have been killed in the assault.   Read more

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  1. How haughty Mr. Bhutto was? We cannot forget the day when he declared, “yeh kurci bari mazboot hai”. He used to say “taqat ka sarchashma awwam hain” (people are the source of power) He forgot that there is a God whose “Kurci” rule encircles whole of the universe.
    Every powerful must remember that there is an almighty Allah: superior to all, the most powerful.

  2. z. bhutto was hanged. 1 son commited suicide. other was killed by his own sister’s police. sister was blown to ashes. if you think this was a coincidence, then you are smmun, bukmun umyun.

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