Exhibition on teachings of the Holy Quran denounced by short sighted Muslims!

Source: The Hindu

A three-day exhibition on the teachings of the Quran by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat, Delhi, that opened at the Constitution Club here on Friday ran into trouble when All-India Muslim Personal Law Board member Kamaal Farooqui and Syed Yahya Bukhari, brother of the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, along with their supporters denounced the event for “wrongly interpreting the tenets of Islam and the holy Quran”.

Talking to the media outside the Constitution Club, Mr. Farooqui said since Ahmadiyyas have been branded as non-Muslims in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other Islamic countries they cannot mount an exhibition in which they have interpreted the teachings of the holy Quran.

“If we start interfering in other people’s religion as it is being done through this exhibition, then it would create a dangerous precedent in the country. This exhibition cannot be allowed at any cost. Today we are demonstrating peacefully, but if this exhibition continues then on Saturday there will be a bigger demonstration,” he warned.

After the demonstrators had left, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat External Affairs Secretary Syed Tanvir Ahmed said: “Ahmadiyyas are Muslims because they follow what Hazrat Mohammad taught them, read namaz and keep roza. But as this exhibition seeks to promote peace and brotherhood we will discontinue our exhibition after 5 p.m. on Saturday.”

National Minority Commission Chairman Wajahat Habibullah said he had no problem if the Ahmadiyyas described themselves as Muslims. “The teachings of the holy Quran have been beautifully displayed.”

The exhibition is displaying the Quran in 53 Indian and foreign languages including Kashmiri, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Gurmukhi, Russian, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. Seeking to dispel misunderstanding surrounding Islam, the exhibition is highlighting the tenets of Islam. “We want people to know that Islam stands for peace,” said Ahsan Ghori, while presenting the exhibition before guests. The exhibition highlights that Islam has assigned a position of dignity and honour to women and is a peaceful religion.

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Picture: A visitor at the three-day Quran exhibition titled ’Love for all, Hatred for none’ that began in New Delhi on Friday. By V. V. Krishnan.

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  1. Very strange!!! These hard-liners neither serve Islam nor let others to serve. In reality they are not the lovers of this peaceful religion but the enemies.

    True said our beloved master Muhammad (saw), that in the latter days the religious leaders will be the worst creation under sky (on earth). This saying is fulfilled millions of times, and today once again, the Imam of the mosque was leading the protest.

    They are saying that Ahmadis are not Muslim. Again it is strange! Did the Founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw ever declared any Muslim a non-Muslim? NO, Never. Then who are these clerics to do so, I think they should first try to study Islam very well, and try to make themselves good Muslims before declaring the faith of others.

    May God show them the straight path. Ameen

  2. Reporting from the Times of India:

    NEW DELHI: The Islamic concept of jihadis often misunderstood in the current times of war and terrorism . And Ahmadiyyas have organized an exhibition to tell the world about what they claimed to be the real message of Quran — peace and brotherhood .Throughtheir ‘Holy Quran Exhibition’ at Constitution Club, they said they wanted to change common perceptions .

    This is perhaps one of the rare occasions when members of this sect, who face persecution in Pakistan , have come out to proclaim the inclusivity of their faith and answer querieson a wide rangeofissues . A 10-minute video on Islam’s emphasis on peace and rejection of war is a highlight of the exhibition . “This is an effort by the Ahmadiyyas to tell society that Quran is for everybody,” says Sayed Salahuddin, a volunteer.

    But the exhibition has triggered strong protests from other Muslim sects at the venue. They were protesting against the Ahmadiyyas’ claim of being Muslims.


  3. Can you imagine who is opposing whom and for what!

    Mr Bukhari campaigned and appealed Muslims during last general elections in India to vote for BJP, which is the far right hindu political party and is responsible for murdering Muslims in riots in Gujarat. Protest was for what? Some one displaying Holy Quran to non-muslims to explain what Islamic faith is all about? Ok i buy the point that Ahmadies should not go for quran exhibition. But then dear Imam Sahib, would you mind arranging such an exhibition please?

  4. Are the Pakistani, Iraqis, Iranians, etc., the so-called true ‘Muslims’? What gives them the right to call others non-Muslims? Do these people have some kind of qualifications that gives them the right to judge somebody else’s beliefs? Have these people suddenly acquired the ‘art’ of mind reading? Will they (these daft Mullahs), please read up on their faith and especially about the life of our beloved Holy Prophet (pbuh) instead of breathing fire and brimstone whenever Ahmadis try to portray the true Islam?

  5. Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) stated that in later days the religious figures in his community will be the most terrrible creatures on earth. Any intelligent reader can look around and find this great prophesy fullfiled.
    The Mullah of India do not want that the truth be known, therefore pressuring to close the Quran exhibit.

    The Mullah prefers to keep 150 million Indian muslims in dark to keep their grip on them..

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