Wanted: Pragmatic Israeli policies instead of ideology

The Netanyahu government is not governed by pragmatism; it continues to be guided by the myths of Masada and Bar Kochba rather than by realistic assessment of international reality.

By Carlo Strenger

Israel’s strategic situation has worsened considerably in the last weeks. Turkey’s Edogan is scoring points in the Arab world for staring down Israel, and making veiled threats that Turkey will no longer tolerate Israel’s hegemony in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. The attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo again raises the specter of Egypt’s reneging on the peace agreement with Israel, and the Netanyahu government was sufficiently worried about a similar attack on the embassy in Amman to recall its staff from there. And, of course, the Palestinian Authority will ask for full membership status in the UN, and it is likely to gain observer status as a state.

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Categories: Israel, Middle East

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