Palestine, Now or Never

Palestine is people, culture and nation that cannot be denied nor oppressed by any force, no matter how powerful it claims to be – more you oppress the people, more they will rise with determination, foresight and power to seek freedom from foreign occupation and slavery of the few.

“The UN vote is expected to occur on September 20. It is too much to hope that America will do what it knows is the right thing and vote “yes” or be an honest broker and abstain. The best we can hope for is that the United States and Israel are part of a very small minority voting “no.” That kind of vote will strengthen the Palestinians and perhaps frighten Netanyahu into negotiating in good faith. But even if not, the UN will have stated that the Palestinians are people, too; people with rights, including the right to full sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. At that point, the writing will be on the wall. The occupation is ending, hopefully before Netanyahu does too much more damage … to Israel.” (M J Rosenberg: “The Disaster Known as Netanyahu” 9.2.2011)


Treacherous as is the conscious reality that global organizations were created to protect the mankind from the scourge of war and exploitations of the few paranoid and mindless powers dictating the world. Strangely enough, we are, where we were more than sixty years ago after the WW2 searching for a credible span of time to have human dignity, respect for rights, co-existence and understanding of peace and security against violence , killing and occupation. Not so, all those were simple illusions to fudge the humanity – to rob the mankind collectively of its interest and optimism for the future, be it at the UN Security Council or elsewhere. The UN-SC is the facebook for those who claim to be powerful – if they are indeed powerful in any sense of the meaning or global relevance in the changing politics of 21st century.

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