Polygamy OK, House Speaker Says

House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie said on Friday that cabinet members practicing polygamy should not be replaced by the president just because of their personal lives.

“Please don’t reshuffle the cabinet just because [a minister] has two wives. ” Marzuki said.

“As long as it does not violate Shariah law, and if it does not disturb the performance in the cabinet, it’s fine.”

Speaking in Jakarta, Marzuki said it made sense for the president to evaluate the cabinet’s performance since it had been two years since its appointment in 2009.

It is time to push the cabinet to work harder, he added.

“If a minister’s private life affects his performance as minister, then of course the president must consider it,” he said.

“But if it’s not disturbing his performance, it becomes another matter.”

Marzuki stressed that the evaluation should be based on the professional performance of the cabinet members only.

“We have a minister who has two wives, but he can balance everything and it never affects the quality of his work,” he said.

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