Jordan to send field hospital to Libya

AMMAN (Jordan Times) – His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday instructed the concerned authorities to dispatch a military field hospital to Libya to provide medical assistance to the Libyan people, a Royal Court statement said.

The statement did not specify the location of the facility, but a government official has previously expected Misrata in the northwestern part of the country to be the destination.

The hospital, which will be ready in few days, will be supplied with the necessary cadres, medical equipment and supplies needed for various surgeries.

The hospital will be administered by Jordanian medical staff from the Royal Medical Services, covering all medical specialities.

Last April, the Kingdom sent medical and humanitarian aid to Benghazi and received a total of 200 injured Libyans in Jordanian hospitals since the crisis began.

Currently, there are Jordanian field hospitals, affiliated with the Jordan Armed Forces, serving in Gaza, Ramallah, Jenin, Congo, Liberia and Afghanistan.

During a speech at a conference on Libya hosted by France late August, the King said Jordan was willing also to contribute to the rebuilding of Libya by offering police and military training and capacity-building services.

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