Pakistan Day: Commemorating the Unsung Heroes of 1965

The police authorities turned a blind eye to the incident, they didn`t even bother to visit the crime scene.

Source/Credit: Energy Publisher and Sri Lanka Guardian / by Roderick Samson / Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just as the contributions of Pakistan’s minority religions are ignored, Christians and others are persecuted and killed with impunity under the country’s Islamic laws.


Pakistan Day is celebrated on September 6th, in remembrance of the Pakistan-India war that began in 1965. Brave soldiers of the Pakistani armed forces sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland.

Each year the Armed Forces and the Government pays homage to the heroes of the 1965 war.  Pakistan Day used to be celebrated by a parade of the armed forces in the federal capital Islamabad. But each year the un-sung heroes from the religious minorities are ignored by the authorities…

Kashif Mazhar the Regional Director  addressing the occasion said, “today we pay homage to the un-sung heroes of the Pakistan day, who fought bravely for their Country, they fought as Pakistanis, the sons of the soil. I ask the government why their names are not included in the history books? why they were never mentioned anywhere after getting the medals of honor? Hindus in Pakistan are discriminated against and remain stuck in the worst of economic conditions, besides being forced into conversions. Ahmedis cannot even proclaim their religion openly and are murdered in broad daylight round the year. Jews just ran away from this country knowing what was in store for them.”

Mazhar continued, “Christians, Pakistan’s second largest minority, are discriminated against and killed in the name of blasphemy laws. Recently I have been told that two Christian brothers John and James were barred from using a play ground in central Lahore, even while their father is a serving Lieutenant Colonel in the Pakistan Army. Their only crime is that they are Christians.  Nine-year-old children already know enough to hate friendly and happy people of other faiths based just on their religion. How long will this continue? How much more bloodshed will make us realize enough is enough?”

 In Faislabad, an Ahmadi named Naseem Ahmad Butt was gunned down by four students fromKhatam-e-Nabuwwat Federation in broad daylight on September 5. He had been declared wajib-ul-qatl (worthy of being killed) in a pamphlet distributed by the Muslim Aalmi Majlis TahaffuzKhatam-e-Nabuwwat. The pamphlet contains 50 names and reads, ” a person who kills all these 50 Ahmadis will get a straight entry into the heaven, he will have the opportunity to live under the shadow of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.

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