Learn to lead, Riyadh imam exhorts believers


RIYADH: Sheikh Ahmad Al-Asheikh, who led the Eid prayer Tuesday morning at the Eid ground near Riyadh Airbase in Malaz district, called on the Islamic ummah to be leaders not only in religious affairs but also in the world of science and technology.

Addressing a 20,000-strong congregation, Al-Asheikh said in his sermon it is sad to see that we (the ummah) are merely consumers, while calling on the ummah to be creative.

“To be creative we need to stay in step with modern advancements,” he said.

Al-Asheikh said we could still be modern while being religious, and use the modern knowledge to be creative. “Others make our clothes ready and we just wear them,” he said metaphorically.

Stressing the importance of manners and character, Al-Asheikh said, “Islam urges us to be kind, have good manners and right conduct and respect visitors.”

He added: “We belong to a society with divine guidelines to be cooperative and helpful to each other.”


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