Islam Overtaking Catholicism in France

Courtyard of the Paris Mosque

Source/Credit: Hudson New York

Islamic mosques are being built more often in France than Roman Catholic churches, and there now are more practising Muslims in the country than practising Catholics.

Nearly 150 new mosques currently are under construction in France, home to the biggest Muslim community in Europe. The mosque-building projects are at various stages of completion, according to Mohammed Moussaoui, the president of the Muslim Council of France (CFCM), who provided the data in an August 2 interview with the French radio station RTL.

The total number of mosques in France has already doubled to more than 2,000 during just the past ten years, according to a research report “Constructing Mosques: The Governance of Islam in France and the Netherlands.” France’s most prominent Muslim leader, Dalil Boubakeur, who is rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, recently called for the number of mosques in the country to be doubled again – to 4,000 – to meet growing demand.

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  1. An advise to those complaining about ‘the Islamization of Europe’: Why don’t you attend your Church? Do not blame the Muslims if we are attending our Mosques more frequently than you are attending your churches…

  2. Definitely, the words and promises shall come to pass.Allah had said that Islam will prevail over any other religions even if the disbelievers do not like it.However, I pray that it is only the true Islam that will dominate the world and not fanatical or the extremist and the terrorist one .

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