“People are afraid of revenge now”

Nasim Malik (S) efter Usama Bin Ladins död
– Fears are high in Pakistan for what will happen now that Bin Laden had been killed, “says Nasim Malik (S). KALMAR SWEDEN

– Terror die with fair policies, not by Osama Bin Laden, “says Nasim Malik (S) days after the leader of terrorist network al Qaeda have been killed by U.S. soldiers….

“No joy”
To describe the emotions he felt when Osama bin Laden died, he can not. He cites instead the date 28 May 2010. Then murdered 86 of his loved ones down in Pakistan in a terrorist attack.

– It’s not about any joy for me. And I react to the Americans partied after his death. It is not human. They give back in kind – madness.

Pakistan is one of the countries hardest hit by terrorist networks.Malik explains that 30 000 civilians died in the attacks on the country as well as 5000 soldiers and senior politicians. And as he sees it, the violence continued.

– In the absence of a fair policy then the madmen continue. It is not his death that brings peace, it is only when the country is properly controlled by the problems die for real. Read More.

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