Bin Laden’s disastrous impact on Islam and Muslims

He distorted the true moderate peaceful teachings of Islam and made Islam unjustly associated with terrorism. He invited wars, occupation and destruction against Islamic countries and caused fear, hatred and discrimination against Muslims in the world.

Because of him everyone all over the world became suspicious of Muslims and every one of them is looked at as a time bomb. Many Muslim schools, orphan homes, elderly people and persons with special needs were deprived of Muslim charitable funds on the pretext of drying the resources of terrorism. Muslim countries, after 9/11, fell under the domination of super powers and lost their real independence and became themselves targets of terrorism.

Bin Laden destabilised many Islamic countries and killed many innocent Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of Islam and Jihad. He caused Muslim countries to exhaust their resources on fighting against his terror instead of economical and social development. Muslims were victims of terrorism and the war on terror.

In fact, by his terrorist crimes he gave Muslim dictators an excuse to deny their people real freedom and democracy on the pretext of fighting terror. He was an enemy of the true Islam.

(Very important article by Muslim Imam Muhammad el Sadi, Malta) Read more:

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