Day: May 18, 2011

Bahrain accepts resignation of opposition MPs

Resignations over crackdown leave lower house with just 22 members as more accusations of torture are levelled. Bahrian’s parliament has accepted the resignations of the last seven lawmakers of Al Wefaq, the country’s largest Shia opposition party. The resignations, approved on Tuesday, were submitted in February in protest over the […]

Warrior Prophet: Moses or Muhammad?

This article is part 1 of LoonWatch’s Understanding Jihad Series. The video of anti-Muslim bigots jeering at mosque-goers in Orange County has now gone viral. Amongst those who sponsored the hateful event were two extremist Zionist Jews, namely Pamela Geller and Rabbi David Eliezrie. It was also sponsored by ACT! […]

‘Islamic awakening in Mideast promising’

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) expresses optimism about the positive effects of Islamic awakening in the Middle East on the fight against arrogant powers. The growing campaign against arrogant powers and dictatorship in the region is promising and would cause accomplishment among Muslims, said Saeed Jalili […]

Five stupid things Geert Wilder said in Toronto  Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders visited Toronto, where he spoke to both Sun TV’s Ezra Levant and the Canada Christian College. Wilders, for the uninitiated, is the leader of the third-largest political party in the Netherlands and the one-trickiest of one-trick ponies. His ideology can be summed up, essentially, as such: […]

French press review 18 May 2011

Rfi If you’ve ever wondered why we bother mentioning the political leanings of the French dailies . . . “centrist Le Monde, left-leaning Libération, right-wing Le Figaro, and so on” . . . you just have to look at how Le Monde and Le Figaro cover the same story this […]