Day: May 12, 2011

China eyes new-type military relations with US

BEIJING – China expects to promote the establishment of a new-type of military relations with the United States through a senior military official’s visit to the US from May 15 to 22. Qian Lihua, director of the Foreign Affairs Office with the National Defense Ministry, made the remarks during an exclusive interview […]

Belief in God frees us

My hope that Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ visit to Canada would come and go quietly was wishful thinking. His speeches, including one in Ottawa Tuesday, have been widely covered, and the articles I’ve seen have been painful to read. Wilders appears to insult the intelligence of 1.6 billion Muslim people the world […]

Egyptian activists plan ‘Third Intifada’ Now that they are free to demonstrate, Egyptians plan a ‘million-man’ march to support the Palestinians on May 15

Following the February ousting of Egypt’s longstanding president Hosni Mubarak, calls have been circulating in Egypt and throughout the region for a ‘Third Intifada’ to begin May 15. “Unlike the first two Palestinian uprisings, the proposed Third Intifada is meant to involve the entire Arab world,” said Egyptian journalist and […]

Raids and rebellion in Benghazi In the fog of war, pro-democracy forces are having a hard time determining friend from foe.

“Get in the car, don’t walk around,” came the order. “There are drive-by shootings here.” Under the cover of darkness, the Benghazi ‘protection squad’ gathered. Speaking in muted, tense tones, clutching loaded guns, the men began the hunt. Across Benghazi city, the capital of the Libyan opposition movement, armed squads […]

Glencore: Profiteering from hunger and chaos The world’s largest commodities trader is issuing a stock sale, and critics say the firm causes spikes in food prices.

The rapid rise in prices for food, fuel and commodities has been disastrous for the world’s poor, including Indonesian market vendor Lia Romi. But it’s a bonanza for multinational trading firms such as Glencore. While Romi has trouble feeding her family, Glencore – the world’s largest diversified commodities trader – […]

What does Bin Laden death mean for Afghan war?

The US military commander in Afghanistan has said the killing of Osama Bin Laden may weaken al-Qaeda’s influence on the Taliban. Even so, warned Gen David Petraeus, Afghanistan could still become a potential refuge for international terror groups. Meanwhile, members of Congress have been calling for US troops to hasten […]

Human lung stem cell discovered

Scientists believe they’ve discovered stem cells in the lung that can make a wide variety of the organ’s tissues, a finding that might open new doors for treating emphysema and other diseases. When these human cells were injected into mice, they showed their versatility by rebuilding airways, air sacs and […]

VIEW: Anti-women bias in fiqh — Part I

It is the unilateralist approach of the sole proprietors of fiqh to matters of faith in the socio-economic lives of Muslims that has given rise to certain malpractices. One such area that has a far-reaching and deeply destabilising impact on society is the way fiqh seems to treat females with […]

Conclusions of Jakarta ASEAN Summit

The two-day 18th ASEAN Summit concluded here Sunday with the release of the Chair’s Statement on ASEAN Community-building, the implementation of ASEAN Charter and other issues. JOINT EFFORTS FOR COMMUNITY-BUILDING The leaders agreed and adopted three joint statements on “ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations”, “Establishment of the […]

Egyptian tycoon wants to revamp Swiss ski areas

by Susan Vogel-Misicka, Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris wants to team up with a Swedish company to link and upgrade Switzerland’s Andermatt and Sedrun ski resorts. A letter of intent published on Wednesday shows that Andermatt Swiss Alps – a subsidiary of Sawiris’ Orascom Development – is joining forces with […]

Editorial: GCC expansion Admitting new members like Jordan and Morocco raises a plethora of questions

Arab News: This newspaper has in the past predicted that the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council would evolve into an Arab political and economic union in the same way that the six-member European Economic Community developed into today’s 27-member European Union. Nonetheless, Tuesday’s announcement following its summit in Riyadh that the […]