VIEW: Anti-women bias in fiqh — Part I

It is the unilateralist approach of the sole proprietors of fiqh to matters of faith in the socio-economic lives of Muslims that has given rise to certain malpractices. One such area that has a far-reaching and deeply destabilising impact on society is the way fiqh seems to treat females with lesser compassion

Islam is a great religion and unique in the sense that it is the first ever religion which after revelation transformed into a socio-political system more than a religion. Besides matters of faith, it regulates the social, political, economic, judicial and family life of its followers. Thus it affects Muslim society and any other social system that might interact with it in a profound manner.

For such a grand sweep and irresistible outreach, ordinarily, libraries full of books and explanatory materials should be needed. But under divine wisdom, all that and much more was condensed into the world’s most well-preserved, extremely expressive and splendidly fluent single book called the Holy Quran.

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Categories: Islam, Law

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