Day: May 30, 2011

Germany to quit nuclear power by 2022

Germany on Monday announced plans to become the first major industrialised power to shut down all its nuclear plants in the wake of the disaster in Japan, with a phaseout due to be wrapped up by 2022. Chancellor Angela Merkel said the decision, hammered out by her centre-right coalition overnight, […]

French lawyers to file Libya lawsuit against Sarkozy

By RFI Two French lawyers said Monday that they will launch legal proceedings against French President Nicolas Sarkozy for crimes against humanity over the Nato-led military campaign in Libya. Jacques Vergès and Roland Dumas have offered to represent families of victims of the Nato bombing campaign, Libyan justice official Ibrahim Boukhzam […]

Beneath Jerusalem, an undergound city takes shape

JERUSALEM – Underneath the crowded alleys and holy sites of old Jerusalem, hundreds of people are snaking at any given moment through tunnels, vaulted medieval chambers and Roman sewers in a rapidly expanding subterranean city invisible from the streets above. At street level, the walled Old City is an energetic […]

Muslim creationists tour France denouncing Darwin

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor, REUTERS AUBERVILLIERS, France (Reuters) – Four years after they first frightened France, Muslim creationists are back touring the country preaching against evolution and claiming the Koran predicted many modern scientific discoveries. Followers of Harun Yahya, a well-financed Turkish publisher of popular […]

China: Can Education Curb a Mistress Epidemic?

This fall, young girls in China’s southern Guangdong province will be learning a new subject in school: how to avoid becoming a mistress. Although Chairman Mao kept a stable of women at his disposal, extramarital peccadilloes were frowned upon during China’s more fervent socialist years. But as economic reforms have […]

Malta votes ‘Yes’ in divorce referendum

Malta has voted “Yes” in a non-binding referendum on legalising divorce, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has conceded, local media report. Almost three-quarters of the electorate voted on Saturday on whether divorce should be introduced in Malta. A majority Catholic country, Malta is the only EU country not to allow divorce. Figures […]