Malta votes ‘Yes’ in divorce referendum

Malta has voted “Yes” in a non-binding referendum on legalising divorce, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has conceded, local media report.

Almost three-quarters of the electorate voted on Saturday on whether divorce should be introduced in Malta.

A majority Catholic country, Malta is the only EU country not to allow divorce.

Figures from the electoral commission late on Saturday showed turnout was 72%, the Times of Malta reports.

“Even though the result is not what I wished for, now it is our duty to see that the will of the majority is respected,” Dr Gonzi said in a televised speech.

Dr Gonzi, who campaigned against the introduction of divorce, has said it is now up the parliament to enact a law legalising the dissolution of marriage on the island.

The Catholic Church, which is very influential in the archipelago, had also supported a “No” vote during the campaign.


Malta’s history has begun a new chapter after its citizens voted to introduce divorce to the island.


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  1. This is not a victory of radical Islam but of the teachings of Islam over the teachings of Christianity. Wherever Islam differs from Christianity, one would find the teachings of the former better in promoting human happiness and well being.
    We have a detailed Alislam-eGazette on the topic of, Utilitarian purpose of Islamic teachings, about alcohol, chastity, gambling and menstruation:

    With a little effort one can develop this comparison further.

    An article comparing Islamic permission of divorce with Christian insistence on it at least until now:

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