Day: May 27, 2011

Brampton man sues government alleging CSIS harassed him–brampton-man-sues-government-alleging-csis-harassed-him?bn=1 A Brampton man is suing the Canadian government alleging Canada’s spy agency launched a smear campaign against him, painting him as a terrorist and pedophile because he refused to be an informant. The recently filed lawsuit comes after child pornography charges against Ayad Mejid, 48, were dropped when a […]

Ancient manuscript honoured

Illustrated work from 16th century makes it onto prestigious Unesco world list New Delhi: An illustrated Indian manuscript recounting the history of Mughal ancestor Timur has been inscribed on Unesco’s Memory of the World Register, an official has said. The Tarikh-E-Khandan-E-Timuriyah was written and created during the reign of Mughal […]

Leaders call for a return to Pancasila

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the heads of seven key state institutions agreed to “strengthen” the state ideology Pancasila amid fears of rising radicalism among the nation’s youth. “All state institutions are committed to actively strengthening Pancasila as the nation’s ideology according to each institution’s role, position and authority,” Constitutional […]

Who picks which religions are sacred?

This newspaper roundly condemned the province of Quebec’s religious studies curriculum in an editorial published May 24, “Moral relativism in the classroom.” The program, known as Ethics and Religious Culture, dares teach children that all religions are worthy of respect. The editors wrote: “Normative pluralism is moral relativism, the notion […]

NATO “saving civilians” thru bombs

All talk about the “emergence” of India and China has stopped with the continuance of the ceaseless bombarding of Libyan cities by NATO. This alliance seems able to go into action only in situations where it faces very weak opposition. Against such weaklings, its soldiers, sailors and aircrew fight eagerly, […]

Kindly remain seated

Not much in Netanyahu’s speech to Congress came as a surprise, but many were shocked by the thunderous applause. Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu must have felt more at home speaking to the US Congress than when he addressed the Israeli parliament: Had he made the same speech at the […]

IDF appoints its first female major general

Orna Barbivay will become the Israel Defense Forces’ first female major general, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz decided yesterday. She will head the General Staff’s Personnel Directorate. Barak and Gantz also announced two other new appointments yesterday, as part of the first round of […]

Opinion – Reading Can Also Make You Dumb

The Internet makes us stupid. It robs us of our souls, leads to a flattening of our personalities and reduces our attention spans. This nonsense is now being spouted from an unexpected source: Bill Keller, the executive editor of the Internet-savvy New York Times. The demonization of tools, not despite […]