Can we all just get along? Yes, we can, a Muslim says

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — I am a Muslim physician. For the past decade, I have taught a simple principle to my medical students: Never jab your patients where they hurt.

Not because you don’t have the freedom to do so. But exercising your freedom recklessly would not foster trust between you and your patients. If you must examine such an area, do it gently, with their permission.

This principle seems to be at the heart of the debate over Islam, so aptly captured by the May 19 editorial in the Gazette. And in this debate, we are all doctors; we are all patients.

Just look at how many times in 2010, both Muslims and Americans, jabbed each other at tender spots in the guise of “freedom.” Americans hurts when Muslims insist on building a mosque near Ground Zero. Muslims hurt when South Park insists on mocking their prophet on primetime.

Americans hurt when their Muslim neighbor drives an explosive filled SUV to midtown Manhattan, hoping to kill scores of innocent people. Muslims hurt when TV show hosts bash their faith, hoping to increase their ratings. Read more

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