Palestinian Leadership Throws Ball Back Into US and Israeli Courts

Ramallah – PNN – While it seems that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeded in winning the hearts of US Congress members in his speech earlier this week, the Palestinian leadership came back to throw the ball into the Israeli and US courts by announcing yesterday that US President Barack Obama’s remarks about a Palestinian state on 1967 borders will be taken to the UN Security Council to be adopted by the quartet negotiating team in order to resume final status negotiations.

Netanyahu, Obama and Abbas
What made the Palestinian move very powerful this time was the fact that the leadership meeting included all Palestinian factions, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the leftist group that decided to boycott previous meetings due to the Fatah-Hamas split.

At a time when Netanyahu has demanded the cancelling of the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal and Obama has referenced it as an obstacle to peace, the Palestinian leadership assured in its meetings yesterday that the reconciliation deal is an internal issue that cannot be tampered with.

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