Outstanding personalities: Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan

“The inspiration of this post is the article Forgotten: Sir Zafarullah Khan posted on ATP in February 2007. I wanted to produce the same article with some more references. I must acknowledge that ATP is doing a better job of showing honest past and present of Pakistan than the main stream print and television media. Special Thanks to ATP for being honest with the history of this country which has been distroted and altered over the past 60 years. (The portions from the original article are underlined).

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  1. By the grace of Allah I have been able to get to know Choudhry Sir Mohammed Zafrullah Khan very closely. I met him first at the opening ceremony of the Zurich Mosque (the first Mosque in Switzerland). During the time he was President of the United Nations General Assembly in 1963 he invited me to New York and I was able to spend one week with him. We kept in touch all the time by correspondence also. May Allah grant him an excellent place in paradise….

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