Brampton man sues government alleging CSIS harassed him–brampton-man-sues-government-alleging-csis-harassed-him?bn=1

Ayad Mejid of Brampton, Ont. is suing the Canadian government, alleging the country's spy agency waged a smear campaign against him.

A Brampton man is suing the Canadian government alleging Canada’s spy agency launched a smear campaign against him, painting him as a terrorist and pedophile because he refused to be an informant.

The recently filed lawsuit comes after child pornography charges against Ayad Mejid, 48, were dropped when a Superior Court judge ruled his Charter rights were violated by agents with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

In October, Justice Jane Kelly ruled Mejid was threatened and intimidated into handing over his laptop to CSIS to prove he wasn’t the online jihadist they suspected. Instead, the agency says it found images of child pornography — evidence deemed inadmissible because it was obtained under the guise of national security, which constituted a “flagrant abuse” of his Charter rights.

In a statement of claim, filed in a Brampton Superior Court, the father of three alleges he “continues to suffer physically, psychologically and emotionally” as a result of CSIS’s “campaign of harassment.”

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