Human equality comes from Islam and not from the Western civilization!

Everyone in this room a 100 years ago would have been a racist: Richard Dawkins


Prof. Richard Dawkins is one of the foremost apologists for not only atheism and science but also for the Western civilization.
Here is a very interesting confession about the Western civilization by Prof. Richard Dawkins in his recent debate against Alister McGrath, in  England, ‘Everyone in this room a 100 years ago would have been a racist.’
Here is the relevant part of the debate:
Then Dawkins asks the question, where does the equality or other positive morality come from?  May I suggest that human equality comes from the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Islam!  Arnold Toynbee, the famous British historian seems to agree with me, when he writes:
The extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding moral achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue; for, although the record of history would seem on the whole to show that race consciousness has been the exception and not the rule in the constant interbreeding of the human species, it is a fatality of the present situation that this consciousness is felt-and felt strongly-by the very peoples which, in the competition of the last four centuries between several Western powers, have won-at least for the moment-the lion’s share of the inheritance of the Earth.
Time treated Toynbee as a celebrity, March 17, 1947.
Though in certain other respects the triumph of the English-speaking peoples may be judged, in retrospect, to have been a blessing to mankind, in this perilous matter of race feeling it can hardly be denied that it has been a misfortune. The English-speaking nations that have established themselves in the New World overseas have not, on the whole, been ‘good mixers.’ They have mostly swept away their primitive predecessors; and, where they have either allowed a primitive population to survive, as in South Africa, or have imported primitive ‘man-power’ from elsewhere, as in North America, they have developed the rudiments of that paralyzing institution which in India — where in the course of many centuries it has grown to its full stature-we have learnt to deplore under the name of ‘caste.’ Moreover, the alternative to extermination or segregation has been exclusion-a policy which averts the danger of internal schism in the life of the community which practices it, but does so at the price of producing a not less dangerous state of international tension between the excluding and the excluded races-especially when this policy is applied to representatives of alien races who are not primitive but civilized, like the Hindus and Chinese and Japanese. In this respect, then, the triumph of the English-speaking peoples has imposed on mankind a ‘race question’ which would hardly have arisen, or at least hardly in such an acute form and over so wide an area, if the French, for example, and not the English, had been victorious in the eighteenth-century struggle for the possession of India and North America. 
As things are now, the exponents of racial intolerance are in the ascendant, and, if their attitude towards ‘the race question’ prevails, it may eventually provoke a general catastrophe. Yet the forces of racial toleration, which at present seem to be fighting a losing battle in a spiritual struggle of immense importance to mankind, might still regain the upper hand if any strong influence militating against race consciousness that has hitherto been held in reserve were now to be thrown into the scales. It is conceivable that the spirit of Islam might be the timely reinforcement which would decide this issue in favor of tolerance and peace.

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  1. In the main clip under discussion here Richard Dawkins claims that tolerance is not coming from the Bible and claims that we are cherry picking from our scriptures, be it the Bible or the Quran.

    His accusations about the Bible may be true but is not true about the Holy Quran. Here let me link one of my posts, Violence in the Bible and Jihad in the Quran:

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