Yoga poses for what ails you

(CNN) — When Dr. Carolyn LaFleur was in a car accident six years ago, she couldn’t move her neck for a year and a half, she had terrible pain in her hip, and she would get headaches at her temples. Frequent icing, physical therapy and massage therapy helped her neck and […]

Not dollar, not euro, but gold

As the US dollar’s value continues to drop, China looks to invest in gold for stability. Growing concerns about the slow death of the dollar rather than a saviour’s goodwill are underpinning China’s widely publicised purchases of European government debt, according to experts. But as the Eurozone debt crisis spreads […]

Where are the men of Dadaab?

Residents of the world’s largest refugee camp are mainly women and children, raising questions about the fate of men. Azad Essa Al Jazeera The wind hollers, whipping up dust that scratches at our faces. As I fumble with my notebook, a thorny branch of the drought-resistant Mathenge tree hits me […]

Israeli glass sparkles

A new glass exhibit at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv is set to dazzle the local art world this summer. Dubbed the ‘largest glass art exhibit’ in the history of the State, the display includes 100 works by 67 Israeli artists. From cute, oversized glass animal figurines to […]

Welcome role

Jordan Times Turkey’s role and attempts at solving some major regional conflicts have increased, and the fact that Istanbul recently played host to two conferences on Libya and Syria is proof of the fact that the country is acknowledged as a linchpin by the nations in the area. The international […]

One Big, Happy Polygamous (Mormon) Family

by Jonathan Turley – International Herald Tribune. SINCE the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, Americans have enjoyed unprecedented freedom in their lifestyles and private relationships. The decision held that states could no longer use the criminal code for social engineering, dictating the most intimate decisions of citizens […]

Tel Aviv 2010: 6% drop in weddings

Religious Council figures show only 3,149 couples tied the knot in Israeli metropolis last year, including eight people over 80 and 22 couples who decided to remarry each other after divorce Tel Aviv has had the highest divorce rate in Israel for the past several years. Now it turns out […]