Holy Quran Exhibition Held in Canberra by Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia

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Canberra, Australia (August 20, 2013): The ACT chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association held a popular Holy Quran Exhibition in Canberra on 13th of August 2013. The exhibition was held at the ACT Legislative Assembly public reception room from 10am to 3pm.

The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight the peaceful message of Quran and also showcase what the Holy Scripture says about questions that have always fascinated humanity like creation of the Universe, life after death, end of the Universe and prophecies about future events and inventions.

It was also hoped that the exhibition would help the fellow Australians to understand Quranic teachings about various contemporary issues better. Understanding the Quranic teachings about various contemporary issues is an urgent need in the aftermath of 9/11 and various other large scale atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Fellow citizens who don’t have a sufficient understanding of the basic teachings of Quran often give into the misperceptions that have become common place in the national media.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has translated the Holy Quran in 70 different languages. Some of these translations were showcased at the exhibition. Visitors showed great interest in the various translations and banners highlighting chosen topics like: Science in Quran, prophecies in Quran, creation of the Universe, life after death, end of the Universe and quotes about Quran by well-known non-Muslim intellectuals. The exhibition also showcased a large number of other related books for example: A Man of God, numerous editions of Review of Religions, Islam Response to Contemporary Issues and various brochures about peace, social responsibility and loyalty to the home land.

The exhibition was attended by numerous dignitaries like:

– ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Joy Burch
– Labor Member for Ginninderra, Mary Porter MLA
– Canberra Liberals MLA, Nicole Lawder
– Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan, Asima Rabbani
– Defence Advisor at High Commission of Pakistan, Brigadier Zahoor Ahmed

An English translation of the Holy Quran and a plaque honouring the Centenary of Canberra was presented to ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Joy Burch. Labor Member for Ginninderra, Mary Porter MLA was also presented with a bag of gifts.

Throughout the exhibition a multimedia presentation was run on the projector highlighting Ahmadiyya Muslim Associations humanitarian work throughout the World. The Association is running schools and hospitals and also helps to establish drinking water facilities and bio-gas facilities in many poor countries. The visitors admired the humanitarian work being done by the Association.

Many guests were given a bag of presents that included: Book titled A Man of God, English translation of Holy Quran, DVD of speeches made by the Supreme Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at Capitol Hill USA and EU Parliament, DVD detailing Ahmadiyya Association’s humanitarian services.

A photo-slide of the event can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npHVO8ahwUU


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  1. Impressive effort on Canberra Jama’at for reaching out and letting the visitors (and the world) knowledge that nothing is comparable to the last testament of Allah Almighty.

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