Day: August 23, 2013

He’s not the son of God

Source: The Economist: INDIA is so crammed with colourful “godmen”, quacks hawking dodgy medicines and palmists to trace your fate, it is easy to miss the mild-mannered rationalists in the scrum. Extreme followers of Kali, the goddess of power, occasionally still leave a decapitated human sacrifice at one of her […]

Lamb of God

Source: The Economist. “YOU see: the more persecution, the more the church grows,” said Pastor Samuel Lamb in 1993. Before he was jailed for 20 years in 1958, fewer than 400 worshippers attended his underground church, Damazhan. When he returned to his pulpit, the congregation grew to 900. It swelled […]

The Madrassa Myth: in Pakistan!

Source: The World via Wasim Sr. A group of young boys wearing tight, crocheted caps rock back and forth as they recite verses from the Quran. Their voices–some loud, some hushed–resound through the domed mosque in a cacophony of swirling melodies.Recent reports have pointed to Pakistan’s Islamic, religious schools like […]

‘Turkey will never rule Arab World’

Source: RT via Wasim Sr. A non-Arab state, like Turkey, can’t rule the Arab World, Egypt’s interim foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview, calling Ankara’s ambitions to restore the Ottoman Empire groundless due to failed relations with neighbors. Egypt’s interim government has only nine months […]