The Madrassa Myth: in Pakistan!

Source: The World via Wasim Sr.

A group of young boys wearing tight, crocheted caps rock back and forth as they recite verses from the Quran. Their voices–some loud, some hushed–resound through the domed mosque in a cacophony of swirling melodies.Recent reports have pointed to Pakistan’s Islamic, religious schools like this one as training grounds for terrorists. But most students attend the schools-–called madrassa–for a purely spiritual purpose.

“I studied in a public school until 7th grade and then I left to come here,” said Mohammad Kamran Rafeeq. “I liked learning about my faith and I had two friends who had studied here. They said the teachers were really good, so I came and enrolled.”At seventeen, he one of the oldest in this class. He moved from Kashmir four years ago to live and study at this madrassa near the city of Peshawar.


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