Day: August 5, 2013

The Imminent Threat to Pakistan

Irfan A. Agha, MD; MRCP (UK) It is a self fulfilling prophecy that an issue with tribal, ethnic, religious and militant overtones when grossly mismanaged  for over a decade will inevitably turn into a veritable Gordian knot. So it is with the problem of the Pakistani Taliban (the term Pakistani Taliban […]

The right kind of happy

Source: The Economist THE Greek founders of philosophy constantly debated how best to live the good life. Some contended that personal pleasure is the key. Others pointed out that serving society and finding purpose is vital. Socrates was in the latter camp, fiercely arguing that an unvirtuous person could not be […]

Millions take to the streets of Egypt in an ever-growing media fantasy If that many were demonstrating, who was driving the trains, buses, underground, operating the airports, manning the police and army, the factories, and hotels?

Why does the Egyptian crisis appear so simple to our political leaders yet so complicated when you actually turn up in Cairo? Let’s start with the Egyptian press. Flowering after the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian media moved into lockstep the moment General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and the lads chucked President […]