Wonosobo, Indonesia where religious harmony prevails

Breaking Fast with Ahmadis in Wonosobo, Indonesia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta –
In the evening of Tuesday 29 July 2013. Azan voice was heard in the big mosque Al-Mubarok, The mosque is located in the Orchard Resources, Rural Lumajang, District Watumalang, Wonosobo and belongs to Ahmadiyya community. The magnificent white-washed mosque is almost new.

Adjacent to the mosque is the house of Ahmadiyya president, Muharto. He is the grandson of Sabitun who first brought Ahmadiyah teachings to Wonosobo.
Muharto mansion has European and Javan-style architecture. The walls made form a close timber tightend around the room to keep cool. There are four windows. There are pictures of Prince Diponegoro. There are also pictures of Ahmadiyya founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Members meet in this large mansion.

Wonosobo, a Peaceful City between Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing

Tempo broke the fast along with their families in the house of Muharto Ahmadiyya Missionary Wonosobo, Sajid Ahmad Sutikno.

We sipped hot tea poured from a teapot fueled zinc. Holding rusty teapot. There are ditanak yam puff. Sweet is placed in a pile of dishes. “Monggo disambi (please enjoy),” said Muharto.

……… sitting with book The Holy Qur’an translation in Javanese. Normal Muharto study by Sunset. It suits long and brown knee-length sheath to repel cold.

Half an hour later Tempo memutari laid kitchen table. Hot rice dishes, sambel green chili, spinach leaves, and we welcome Lodeh know. We eat while relaxing burble under dimmed lights. After finishing our meal large congregational prayers was held in the mosque. Ahmadiyya Muslims prayer is no different from a regular prayer carried out by the majority of Indonesian Muslims.

Ahmadiyya Missionary Wonosobo, Sajid Ahmad Sutikno said Dusun people are mostly Ahmadiyah. A total of 300 heads of families live in this village. Located 1 mile from the village is the Deles village where people belong to bemukim Muhammadiyah. Only half a mile from the village there are Salaman Baixas where the majority of citizens profess NU style Islam. They mutually remain silent and there had never been religious background friction.

A street in Dusun, Central Java, Indonesia

Membes of Al-Mubarok Ahmadiyya mosque , Wonosobo, live on the slopes of majestic Mount Bisma. In this large mosques have held memorial Birthday of Prophet Muhammad by inviting speakers from NU Kiai named Fauzi.

According to Sutikno majority of members live in Orchard Resource Ahmadiyah, clustering their homes on the slopes of the mountain. The village is located at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level. Village surrounded by farms tobacco, potato, and chili. The area is lush, with a view of the distant south there Wonosobo city center. Wonosari orchard is about 35 kilometers north of Wonosobo. Dieng is located on the northwest side Wonosari village. District Watumalang Banjarnegara District borders.

The cold air and clean air as people want to cool the religious life of the village. Wonosari citizens are split in two sects of Islam. However, those differences do not make them enemies. Greeting each other in the streets, fields or farms are common.

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