Two shrines damaged in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula


Militants step up attacks against state since army deposed Mursi

Two Islamic shrines were damaged by bomb attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Sunday, the state news agency said, in a region where Islamist militants have stepped up attacks against the state since the army deposed President Mohammad Mursi.

One of the shrines targeted was near the North Sinai town of Bir Al Abd, and the other was in the area of Al Maghara further south. Both were badly damaged.

Militants mostly based in North Sinai have escalated attacks on security forces and other targets since July 3, when the army deposed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood and installed a new government in response to mass protests against his rule.

The militants have struck on an almost daily basis and killed around three dozen people, according to medical officials. Many of those killed were members of the security forces.

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