Video: Ostracised Nobel Laureate, Persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslim, Dr. Abdus Salam From pakistan

Published on Aug 15, 2013: An Interview video of this great Scientist on his services for Pakistan and its Scienitific development.

Saudi Petro-dollar funded, brainwashed, intolerant Wahhabi Islamists in pakistan carried out desecration of Dr. Abdus Salam’s grave

Dr. Abdus Salam…

Why Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s great physicist, has been written out of history by his own country…

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics [ICTP]

a 50 kiloton Nuclear Weapon explodes in Pakistan, over Rawalpindi [What-if?]…

Video courtesy: WGBH TV

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  1. Thank you, TMT for putting this information together, great service to the cause of freedom of knowledge for all.

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