German angler catches monster 513-pound halibut

By Lindsay Jolivet | Daily Buzz – Tue, 20 Aug, 2013

Cue the halibut puns, a German angler has caught a 513 pound fish in Norway and it could make a helluva meal.
Marco Liebenow was fishing with friends in Kjollefjord when he hooked something that felt as large as a submarine, according to Field and Stream. But the catch was alive and wriggling — it was a nine-foot-long halibut that took an hour and a half to reel in.

In a photo posted to Facebook, the fish hangs from a crane, mouth agape, as the angler marvels at its size.
The Daily Mail is declaring fish and chips for tea time, and it could be true for some people because the angler donated the monster halibut to a local fish dealer, according to Science World Report.

Marco Liebenow was fishing in Kjollefjord, Norway and caught what could be a world record 513 pound halibut.

The catch could break the fishing world record for Atlantic halibut if it’s confirmed by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), which says the current record for Atlantic halibut belongs to Thomas Nielsen for a 418 pound catch he made in Norway in 2004.

Liebenow’s fish is also bigger than the IGFA’s world record for Pacific halibut, which was set by a 459 pound catch off Alaska in 1996.

The Atlantic halibut is a flat fish that can grow to weigh 720 pounds.


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