Why the pope’s upcoming summit needs to do a full accounting of the cover-up of sexual abuse

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Source: The Conversation

By ; Distinguished University Professor & Professor of Law, Georgia State University

Pope Francis is gathering 200 bishops and heads of religious orders from around the world for a global summit in Rome to discuss the crisis facing the Catholic Church over sexual abuse scandals.

The meeting begins on Feb. 21 and will last four days. It is likely to produce a new round of public apologies, expressions of concern for victims and pledges of reform.

But recent statements by leading bishops and the pope suggest that church officials are not ready to take what I believe is an essential step in ending the scandal: providing a full and detailed accounting of their own role in concealing credible allegations of sexual abuse.

I’m a legal scholar who has written a book on clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and it appears to me that the church’s latest response, so far, is part of a familiar pattern that has persisted for nearly three decades.

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  1. accounting? The question would be how far back should it go? 25 years? 50 years? 500 years? 2000 years? It has been going on ever since…

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