World Leading Christian Apologist, William Lane Craig Always Presents God of Islam and Judaism

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

William Lane Craig in all his debates with the atheists, and at least a dozen are available in Youtube, presents his case for existence of God, with 5-6 proofs and these are the same across his debates. The above is his latest debate. Jesus he mentions as his last argument invariably, in his opening statements, and all his other arguments are about God of Islam and Judaism.

How come?

It is very simple!

According to the Christian belief, Jesus is perfect man and fully Divine. Everyone agrees that Jesus was born to mother Mary around 1-6 AD. Therefore he did not exist at the time of the big bang. Therefore when William Lane Craig talks about the creation of universe and how it is biophylic and sustains life on our planet earth, he is not talking about Jesus’ of the Christian faith, but the Transcendent God of Islam and Judaism, who is beyond time, space and matter.

I am thankful to him for presenting God of Islam and Judaism well over a lifetime. In this sense he should be considered as an apologist for the Abrahamic faiths rather than for Christianity, and we want to honor him as such.

Incidentally, William Lane Craig has himself written about the birth of Jesus in an article, The Birth of God, and I have reviewed that in a different article: Refuting William Lane Craig’s: ‘The Birth of God.’‏

Obviously, Jesus did not exist before he was born, if language is to mean anything!

William Lane Craig

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  1. I urge all young Jews,Christians and Muslims to study and investigate 3 rekigions of Abrahamm or Adam, find the truth. Without investigating 3 religion deeply you will fall into unforgivable sin, because you plase your trust on people ( parents and clerics). You have to investigate by your self, if you make mistake to choose the truth of religion, Allah or God will forgive you.

    The best way to learn and to investigate the truth religion is watching debate between 2 scholars Islam and Christian.
    And thdn use your mind and knowledge to decide witch one the truth of Religion or God. You will have a satisfaction in religion.

    Jesus in Islam —vs—Jesus in Bible

  2. 3 Faiths Judithsm, Christianity and Islam are sister concern Religions. Islam is a complete Religion modified out of two former Faiths

  3. Hi Dr. Shah,

    Thank you for your article! I am a Christian and believe that Jesus did not begin to exist at birth- but that He has always existed and “became flesh.” (John 1:1-5).

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