Month: November 2017

What’s with Trump and female world leaders?

LONDON — When President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May awkwardly held hands this January, it appeared to be the beginning of a potential friendship and the continuation of a wartime-forged special relationship that has connected both countries for almost a century. By Rick Noack November 30 at 7:21 AM Washington Post  […]

Bosnian Court To Rule on Police Beards

Source: Balkan Insight The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina was expected on Wednesday to rule on a regulation obliging the Border Police of BiH to shave and on whether this violates their right to manifest their religious belief. The first deputy speaker of parliament’s House of Peoples, Safet Softic, […]

In His Final Act, War Criminal Hijacks Court

Source: Balkan Insight The shocking public suicide of Slobodan Praljak at the Hague Tribunal has overshadowed the significant findings of Croatia’s complicity in mass crimes in Bosnia and has further diminished the legacy of the international court. Wednesday’s reading of the appellate verdict in the case against six Bosnian Croatian defendants was […]

Surrendering to mob rule

Source: Dawn By Zahid Hussain: Twitter: @hidhussain THERE has hardly been an instance where the state has capitulated so humiliatingly to a group of extremists holding the nation’s capital hostage. The six-point agreement brokered by the military leadership is virtually a document of surrender. A beleaguered civilian administration has signed on the […]

The rot within

Source: Dawn THE child’s body was found naked in a ditch in Madina Town in Faisalabad at 4:00 in the morning on Nov 1. There it stayed for nearly five more hours, until the police, repeatedly called by the residents who had crowded around the body, finally arrived. A few […]