Ahmadis demand end to campaign against them to ensure country’s security

Source: PT

LAHORE: The anti-Ahmadiyya campaign has perturbed the Ahmadi community and they have demanded the government to end the campaign at the earliest to ensure their safety and security in the country.

The anti-Ahmadiyya campaign comes at a time when the National Action Plan (NAP), which criminalises the proliferation of material which propagates hate, is being implemented across the country and movement for ‘finality of Prophethood’ is in full swing by the activists of religious groups in the form of nationwide protests and sit-ins.

Garbage-drums bear anti-Ahmadiyya slogans near the sit-in camp of Tehreek Siraat-e-Mustaqeem led by its leader Allama Ashraf Asif Jalali and other religious parties at Faisal Chowk (formerly Chairing Cross) in Lahore. The booth of city traffic police near Faisal Chowk has been inscribed with a slogan: “Countless curses on Qadianis.” The slogan on garbage drums reads: “Qadiani House.”


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  1. My best solution to protect ahmadiyyah and Sufi Faith in Pakistan are;

    I urge all Ahmadiyyah who live in the West countries, to protest the act of discriminate agains Ahmadiyya and Sufi in Pakistan and other Islsmic countries at front of Pakistan Embassy and United Nation, do not stop soon until your voice be heard.

    I believe that Human Right activist and Liberal Christians will join Ahmadiyyah protest. Please do so!
    Allah Almighty always be with the oppressed people.
    Q. 4:75
    May Allah guide Islamic leaders in power of Pakistan to protect the right of Ahmadiyyah and other minorities religion Amin

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