SC criticises spy agencies for failing to prevent Faizabad fiasco

Source: PT

–Judge says army not separate from government; when writ of state ends decisions are made on the streets

–Bench asks how were protesters able to get teargas shells and sticks

–DAG tells court no deaths occurred during Faizabad operation; protesters caused losses worth Rs 146m 


ISLAMABAD: A two-judge Supreme Court bench hearing a case on disturbance of public life due to the sit-in at the Faizabad interchange on Thursday came down hard on the government as it reviewed the nine-page report submitted to the apex court on Wednesday on behalf of Islamabad Inspector General Police (IGP) Khalid Khattak.

As the proceedings started, Deputy Attorney General Sohail Mahmood requested the court to adjourn hearing of the matter until Tuesday as the attorney general is out of the country. To this, Justice Isa said the hearing won’t be adjourned as the deputy attorney general is present.

Continuing with the hearing, Justice Isa criticised the role of intelligence agencies and questioned what they were up to when violent protests erupted across the country.

“Why is Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) silent over the matter?” asked Justice Isa, enquiring as to why the country’s agencies do not come forward.

Addressing the ISI representative in court, he observed that “everything is not part of a political agenda, [ISI] should think of the country sometimes too”.

The protest is not completely over and the sit-in is still ongoing, observed Justice Isa.

The judges, speaking about the role of the army which has come under scrutiny by the Islamabad High Court (IHC), observed that it was incorrect [to say] that the army is separate from the government.


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  1. Following remarks can be termed as golden remarks by Justice Isa. However comments mean nothing. Actual weight is carried by decision. One has to see what this respectable justice writes in decision and then it will be clear how bold and fair he is.
    “everything is not part of a political agenda, [ISI] should think of the country sometimes too”
    “We are not satisfied with the ISI report,”
    “When the writ of the state ends, decisions are made on streets,”
    “this dharna [sit-in] is all about one man’s ego and his quest to get fame.”
    whether people could “talk about Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”?

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