What we know about the Berlin Christmas market attacker

Source: The Local

Police now have the man in custody who they believe drove the truck into the crowd at Breitscheidplatz under the capital’s iconic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church shortly after 8pm on Monday evening, killing at least 12 people. Reports on Monday evening stated that the man fled in the direction of Berlin Zoo. But within two hours police announced that they had detained a man and were assessing whether he was the driver. By Tuesday morning they had confirmed that they suspect him of driving the truck and that they believe the truck was deliberately driven into the crowd of people. The man arrived in Germany in February of this year after travelling along the so-called Balkan route through southern Europe, security officials told DPA.Since then he lived in a refugee centre in Berlin, possibly the one at Tempelhof Airport, which was reportedly stormed by police special forces on Tuesday morning. But finding out exactly who the man is is difficult as he appears to have used several identities during his time in Germany.


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  1. Police have arrested the wrong man in the hunt for a lorry driver who killed at least 12 people in a suspected terror attack on a Christmas market, according to German media reports.

    Sources told Die Welt a Pakistani man detained near the scene of the massacre in Berlin is not believed to be linked to the atrocity, meaning the attacker is still on the run.

    “We have the wrong man,” the newspaper quoted a Berlin police official saying. “And therefore a new situation — that the real attacker is still at large and can do more harms.”

    A spokesperson for Berlin police said he could not confirm the report when contacted by The Independent.

    Germany’s top prosecutor, Peter Frank, said the massacre could have been carried out by more than one person, adding that the suspect in custody “may not have been the perpetrator or belong to the group of perpetrators”

    Berlin police chief Klaus Kandt said investigators were “uncertain” of whether they had detained the correct suspect, while the city’s police sent out a tweet warning Germans they should stay “alert”.

    Police presence has been increased at Christmas markets across Germany and officers have been given machine guns and protective vests.

    The man originally arrested was reported to be a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker who arrived in Germany last year.

    Security sources told local media he was not previously known to intelligence agencies as a potential Islamist.
    This is so sickening. How have they not even caught the perpetrator yet? How exactly do you drive a massive lorry in to a bunch of people and get away with it? Insane. My thoughts and prayers are with all those lost and affected. The truck was owned by a hook-nose while an innocent Muslim was wrongfully and promptly blamed for the crime he did not commit. 9/11 comes to mind. No need to complain because you are the ones who have destabilised the Arab world and now you are having a taste of your own medicine. Police saying now the Pakistani guy is innocent. They arrested the wrong person! “”Every thing we know”” but sad the German authorities don’t know the attacker identity and yet restrained an innocent for hours.!!!

    We know exactly nothing about the perpetrator. There are serious doubts that the arrested Pakistani is the perpetrator. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack and police and investigative services are investigating in ALL directions and there are currently no clear clues whether this was indeed an Islamic attack or not. So can we keep the Islamophobia out of here, please? I’m asking as someone who was born and raised in Berlin and who is currently living there. I am sick and tired of right-wing nutters always creeping out of their holes and trying to make diverse and open cities into symbols for their propaganda. #MyCityIsNotYourSymbol

    Leave them alone, get out of their countries, stop meddling into their political affairs, stop supporting their enemies, stop sucking up their resources, and they will stop retaliating. Simple really.

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