Day: December 14, 2016

Dr Abdus Salam, Chakwal and symbolism

 Dr Salam, Chakwal and symbolism Home / Today’s Paper / Opinion / Dr Salam, Chakwal and symbolism By Mosharraf Zaidi December 14, 2016 Print : Opinion Why would a mainstream political figure publicly invoke Dr Abdus Salam’s name in the Pakistan of 2016? This is not the question that arose when we learnt last week about the prime […]

After Hindu protest, California firm removes dog-bed showing dogs on Lord Ganesha

After Hindu protest, California firm removes dogbed showing dogs on Lord Ganesha San Diego area (California) based online home décor company “KESS InHouse” removed various products displaying Hindu deity Lord Ganesha after a Hindu protest called these “highly inappropriate”. Various products removed, which carried image of Lord Ganesha; include dog […]

Terrorism studies :

Time to think about terrorism – join February intake MM Murray McArthur         IBC ACADEMY Reply| Wed 12/14/2016 9:15 AM To: s We live in challenging times with many threats to our way of life.  If you’re interested in understanding the background to terrorism or involved in […]